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Our med alert system consists of the alarm console and a transmitter of your choice, we have either a pendant or wristband transmitter. In an emergency, just press the button on your transmitter to activate your life alert & alarm system and we will speak with you through the alarm console. Our alarm is an acoustical computer that is specifically designed for the hearing impaired and has a backup battery to allow your alarm to continue working for up to 18 hours in the event of a power outage. In addition, American Medical Alarms has one of the only systems with built-in DSL compatibility (unlike other companies who rely on filters from the telephone company).

American Medical Alarms is the medical alert company more seniors and their families choose because of our exceptional service and commitment to caring for our customers. We have over 20 years of experience and are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. With no long term agreement, a low monthly rate (just $23.95/month - billed annually), a more advanced medical life alert system, certified, professional operators and a state of the art monitoring center it's no wonder American Medical Alarms is the number one choice for seniors and their families.

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Medical Alert Alarm Benefits & Features

Our medical alert system is top of the line so there is no need to purchase additional equipment to have adequate coverage throughout your home. Every feature of our medical alert system is designed to provide you with a quicker response, the best two way voice communication and the longest transmitter range so you can activate your alarm from any room in your home (and from 2-300 feet outside your home). Our system has the longest transmitter range and two way voice range without the need for additional equipment. Our system is an acoustical computer designed for the hearing impaired.

Our transmitters are lightweight and easy to use which makes them a favorite among seniors. We have both a pendant and wristband style available. Unlike other transmitters, the button on our transmitter is located in a depressed area which helps to prevent accidental activations. Our transmitters are smaller and neutral in color as well so they are less noticeable when worn and are not bulky or cumbersome. They are also water resistant so they can be worn in the tub or shower.

Our U.S. based monitoring center uses state of the art technology which allows us to respond quickly to your emergency. It also holds three certifications (UL Listed, FM Certified & Dept of Defense Certified) and has three redundant systems to ensure uninterrupted service. Our operators are certified and trained specifically to respond to your call for help. In an emergency they will have all your information and can provide life saving instruction until rescue arrives.

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The Affordable Medical Alert System Plan

The cost for the service is just $23.95/month (billed annually), there are no hidden fees or charges (no activation, set-up, restocking, installation or other fees). You pay ONLY for the monitoring and we send the equipment to you at no cost. Your agreement goes month to month and you can cancel anytime you'd like. Refunds are given for unused months of service. PLUS, you get a FREE Vial a Life, FREE 2-3 Day Delivery and can choose ONE FREE GIFT when you order.

We offer a 10 day trial period during which you and your family can test the alarm to make sure it is a good fit. If you decide not to keep it just let us know and return the equipment within the 10 day trial period for a full refund.

We provide service nationwide (anywhere in the United States) and all of our equipment is covered under a Lifetime warranty so there is never a cost to you to maintain your system. Our medical alert system is also portable so it can be taken with you if you'd like to go visit with family or friends for a couple of weeks.

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Easy Medical Alert Set Up & Maintenance Free

Our medical alert system is simple to set-up, all you do is plug it into an electrical outlet and your existing telephone jack. In an emergency, just press the button you are wearing and within seconds you'll be connected with our monitoring center. Your operator will know who you are and have all your information in front of them, ready to assist you. Your operator can call rescue for you or, if it's not that serious, we can call a family member, friend or neighbor. We will be there every step of the way until help arrives.

How An Medical Alert Alarm System Works

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